Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Vaca Sagrada!!

Woah its been a crazy crazy week!!

First off, our adorable Brazilian roomates have departed for their missions... I will miss them!!

So we got another sister and three elders who came from the Provo MTC on Wednesday. Which means I am now in a trio with Sis d´Anjou (French Canadian) and Sis Hunsaker (from Ohio). And they split us girls off from the old district and we are in our own new district with the three new elders. And its awesome! We are still sorta a family with the old one (we spend 14 hours a day together, we have to be a family) and I love all the new kids too!! And we moved to a new bedroom with 2 new Brazillian sisters so we still get to have miming parties to figure out whats going on each night!

Then just one more crazy thing, I have been called to be the Sister Training Leader for the brand new Branch that just got formed this week.

So basically, I think I was a little too comfortable and so I got some changes thrown at me:) But its been the best thing for me, and I know the Lord is helping me out.

Yesterday my comps and I did a 24 hour English fast for the first time, and while it was super hard and occasionally frustrating when the english word isnt even in the dictionary, I know we were blessed. Our lessons went much better and it actually really helped us to gain unity. So thats happening again tomorrow...

This past sunday was fast sunday (we sacrifice eating for 24 hours to demonstrate gratitude to the Lord) and we had a super cool experiance. As a district (the old one not the new one) we decided to fast together in gratitude for the opportunity to serve as missionaries and for the blessing of the individuals who we will teach. We were thinking about our future investigators, in our actual missions. But exactly 30 min after ending our fast, we each went to teach our fake investigator Leticia and all 4 companionships came back talking about how strong the spirit had been in our lesson. For those who know me it will be no suprise that I cried while sharing my experiance of the first time I prayed to know if Joseph Smith was a true prophet of God and how the Spirit testified to me so strongly that I will never be able to doubt it. And then my companion was testifying on how much God loves Leticia and everybody was crying. So then Leticia comes into our class an hour or so later and just told us that she had never felt such love when being taught in the MTC before. And Elder Staten (The District Leader) just looks at me his eyeballs the size of doughnuts (yeah im hungry) and said Sister, its because of our fast for our investigators!!

Basically I love this Gospel! I know that Heavenly Father answers our prayers. I know that He loves His children. I know that Jesus Christ is my Savior. I cannot even tell you how many times I have looked in the mirror and thought none of this, none of who I am would be possible without the Atonement of Jesus Christ. But it is real. And so I know that we can always keep moving forward. I know Joseph Smith (or as the BRazilians say Joseph Esmich) was a prophet called of God to restore the Church and translate the Book of Mormon. That Book is another Testament of Jesus Christ. If you dont know what to do with yourself, read the Book! And pray! It works.

I love you all. Im out of time. I challenge you all to pray every single morning this week. lots of love


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