Sunday, December 6, 2015


Nov. 16, 2015

Saturday we had two miracles! The baptism of Nilceia and Hamilton!!

Nilceia was soo excited for her baptism she called us three times to make sure her green dress was okay, because she didnt have a white dress :) I thought this was adorable since she was oblivious to the skulls on her flip flops! Haha but she is truly an example of humility and hope.

Hamilton was truly a miracle. He has been very sick for the past 4 weeks but he said every time we stop by or pray with him he feels better! So he accepted to be baptized and is super duper happy!! He has a strong testimony of the power of prayer:) Funny story- Hamilton said the other day he was praying and trying to remember our names (Sister Paim and I). He said "Pai por favor me ajuda ficar Bond saude" instead of Bom de Saude. And now he will never forget my name!

Anyway I love you all!! Happy Thanksgiving! I know this church is true!!

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