Tuesday, December 1, 2015

6 dias, 6 baratas.

Greetings from Rio de Janeiro, specifically Campo Grande.

The field is wonderfully here, definately ready to harvest! There are so many people here that love the lord and want to come closer to him. Also many of them have never heard of Mormons in their lives. Its crazy.

Ok backtracking.

Oh last p-day in the middle of São paulo, surrounded by skyscrapers we saw a random horse in the street eating a taco out of a tin like from Cafe Rio. Strangest thing ever.

Also our Relief Society lesson was awesome!! I loved having the opportunity to bear my testimony one last time in English. Im so grateful for the people I came to love in the MTC. I will send pics next week.

So first day in Rio. We got up at 3:30 in the morning to catch our flight so I wanted to curl up in a ball all day long. But my mission president is absolutely crazy! I love him!! In our meeting where we meet our Trainers, there was one elder who didnt shave and had a little scruff. So Pres Cabral sat him down and shaved his chin for him right there in the mission office! It was crazy.

Anyway so my trainers name is Sister Macêdo and she is from São Paulo. She has been in the field for 4 months and I love her! She also doesnt speak English but since she has the same accent as the instructors at the mtc I can understand her!! YAY. Because everyone else in Rio is speaking a very very different language than I attempted to learn. So Im struggling A LOT with the language but its ok because today was better than yesterday which is a million times better that the first day!

So on our way to our area the first night we took a metro to a tram. And whilst boarding the tram the doors slammed shut on Sis Macêdo's leg. She has a nasty bruise. |But a very nice man named Rui (Pronounced Hween) helped us open the door so she could get in. It was really scary! But then we got to talk to Rui and he agreed to take the lessons!!

More next week, Im out of time.
Love you all!

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