Sunday, December 6, 2015

Eu sou muita grata por...........

Nov. 30, 2015
Left to right: Sister Mamani, Sister Paim, Malorie
Happy Thanksgiving:)

Eu sou muita grata por...........

My whole family
my dad
my mom
my friends
the gospel
Jesus Christ
Serving a mission!!
My companion
The Book of Mormon
Joseph Smith
Pres Thomas S Monson
the priesthood
a house
bug killer spray stuff to kill cockroaches
warm showers
a journal
my body
The Plan of Salvation
The Atonement
Thanksgiving (It is a wonderful holiday that unfortunately Brazilians dont celebrate, and so I ended up fasting all day! But the day after I made Key Lime Pie and we bought Pizza!!)
Thanksgiving dinner...a day late.
the Holy Ghost
fans/air conditioning
people who remember to use deodorant
kids and their sticky fingers
my testemunho
washing machine/ dish washers
french toast
Heavenly Father
the ocean
eternal families

I love you all! and Im grateful for you all!

We are working like crazy and I think my feet might fall off. I need to buy new shoes but its fine because they are super cheap and made for the water. Yesterday the Performance of our missionary Choir de Natal was in Campo Grande- my first area. It was super awesome to see the members and investigators again. Julia, a girl that we started teaching the last week of the transfer, came and gave me a big hug!! she was baptized 3 weeks ago! And two recent converts that we loved are going to be sealed Dec 17! Irmã Fatima is gonna email me a pic:) I seriously love these people. Its a little bit like going home for a second! Anyway miss you lots.

Engenho de Dentro Dois

Nov. 23, 2015

Hello world!

I love you all. And I know the Savior lives!!

Today was transfers and I will be in the second area of the same ward! So its gonna be lots of fun:)

This week Sis Paim (old companion), Sis Mamani (new companion) and I worked in a trio in both areas, and we worked until we couldnt physically work any more! It feels good to know that we did everything we possibly could and then a little more. We saw many miracles in the little things. Miracle after miracle after miracle. I am so grateful for the blessings that we recieve. And I know the Lord knows us individually.

My new friend Helio is about 70 years old. We knocked (or rather clapped) on his door and started to talk to him. He was very nice until we started teaching about the Gospel of Jesus Christ- faith repentence baptism... when we got to baptism he ordered us to leave. I looked him in the eyes and said "I love you. God loves you." He started to cry and asked if we could help him repent and be clean again. My companion bore a wonderful testimony of the power of the Atonement of Jesus Christ. We are working with him to stop drinking and he is more and more happy each day.

We are also teaching a man from Haiti who only speaks French and Creole... no Portugues, no English, no Spanish. Its an adventure and the Lord helps a lot!! Also we teach a lot with pictures:)

Sunday was the Primary Program and I love little children! Such strong testimonies!

I know the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is true. I know God lives. I will follow God's plan. I love you all.


Nov. 16, 2015

Saturday we had two miracles! The baptism of Nilceia and Hamilton!!

Nilceia was soo excited for her baptism she called us three times to make sure her green dress was okay, because she didnt have a white dress :) I thought this was adorable since she was oblivious to the skulls on her flip flops! Haha but she is truly an example of humility and hope.

Hamilton was truly a miracle. He has been very sick for the past 4 weeks but he said every time we stop by or pray with him he feels better! So he accepted to be baptized and is super duper happy!! He has a strong testimony of the power of prayer:) Funny story- Hamilton said the other day he was praying and trying to remember our names (Sister Paim and I). He said "Pai por favor me ajuda ficar Bond saude" instead of Bom de Saude. And now he will never forget my name!

Anyway I love you all!! Happy Thanksgiving! I know this church is true!!

Batizar, Reativar, Reter, e Conduzir ao Templo

Nov. 9, 2015

Sister Paim, Nilceia, and Malorie
We had a super great week full of miracles! We are working a lot in an area called Triagem which has goverment housing as an alternative for the favella. The people there are wonderful. We found a sweet lady Nilceia a few weeks ago. She is about 60 years old and very humble. We talked about the Plan of Salvation for a few seconds when we first found her in the street and she accepted to be baptized. She has come to church the past 3 weeks and loves it! But the problem was that she works Monday-Saturday from 5 am to 9 pm. So its been really hard for us to teach her (only Sunday and after church we have choir practice for a Christmas thingy). But this week she got the entire week off of work and a raise for no apparant reason.... in other words the Lord prepared a way for us to teach her so that she will be ready this Saturday for Baptism!! Whoooooo! So that is just one example. I know my Savior lives. I know the church is true. I know Thomas S Monson is a prohet called of God. I have been learning more and more that if you have a rock solid testimony of the Atonement of Jesus Christ and that the Prophet is a representative of Him- or that the words of the prophet are the words of God- you will not falter. I love you all and leave you my testimony and a prayer for your physical and spiritual safety em nome de Jesus Cristo, amêm. 


This week was awesome! We taught a LOT of little old ladies. They are super sweet and super lonely. Vera Lucia is one that I can't help but love with all my heart. We asked if she would pray to know that our message was true and she looks right at us and says "The Lord already told me that you two girls are doing His work! When can I get baptized?" It was a testimony to me that as missionaries called and set apart by the Priesthood, I am a representative of my Savior Jesus Christ. I love being able to invite others to come unto Him!!

Another little old lady is super sweet and was telling us about her Family. She showed us pictures of her 1st communion in the Catholic church clear back in 1952. It was really cool to see her life in pictures and the joy she finds in her memories. Her husband, Brothers, sisters everyone has already passed away and her only son is in jail and doesnt speak to her. She has so much sadness and feels so alone, and my companion and I had the opportunity to testify to her that her Savior knows her pains and sorrows and joys and loves her through it all.

I know that families are forever. I am so blessed to be a part of a Family that has been sealed in the temple!

I love you alll! Have a wonderful week and make the temple your goal!

Engenho de Dentro

Oct. 19, 2015

Oops 2nd week with barely any time! I love you all. I miss you all! i Know the church is true and the kingdom of God on the earth. I will write for real next week

Also a baby peed on my foot this week. That was lovely. :)

I love the gospel! Being a missionary is buttkicking hard but I love these people! They are so hungry for the truth.

I know my Savior lives! And He loves you. If you want to know Heavenly Father better, Pray. If you want to know Jesus Christ better, Repent. If you want to know the Holy Ghost better, Serve.

Lots of love and hugs,
Malorie. or Sister Bond. :)

Eu amo A Igreja de Jesus Cristo dos Santos dos Últimos Dias

Oct. 5, 2015
Vila São João :) My little piece of paradise!
Hope everyone had a great week and a chance to recieve personal revelation. I love that we get to hear the voice of prophets and apostles who are living witnesses of our Savior Jesus Christ!! Truth be told I didnt understand everything, but the Holy Ghost bore undeniable witness to me that the simple principles of the gospel are true! And that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the Kingdom of God on the Earth.

Cool experience this week. My comp Sis Macedo and I were walking back to our apartment and when we were about a block away noticed a teenage guy following us. He took off his backpack- a key sign that he is gonna steal our purses. So we crossed the street and flagged down a van. We are running low on money so it seemed like a waste to pay for a van to take us the last block, but we trusted in the promptings of the Spirit. The very first van to swing past happened to be our friend/investigator! He let us ride for free and promised to come to the Sunday session of conference. I love how the Lord protected us and gave us the chance to invite Jorge at the same time!

I love you all!

Awesome Member Missionary!

Sept 27, 2015

Ágata Cristina (left) Malorie (center) and Sister Daylene Siqueira Macêdo (right)
Ah Agata is awesome!! She is 17 and our bestest friend out here for working and teaching with members.

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Arvore da Vida

Sept 28, 2015

This week I climbed a mango tree. In a skirt. And proceeded to chop off a bunch of vines with a huge knife-machete-faca. No big deal. And in the name of serviço, we picked up 3 new investigators. Ill send pictures next week! ALso I saw a monkey for the first time. It had a striped tail.

Cool experience, this week we were working a lot in an area named Adrianna, and not finding anybody. So we prayed to find just one person ready and while walking past a school the security guard yells out to us that he wants a book. So we went to talk to him and he straight up tried to steal my Book of Mormon. We explained that we could bring him one the next day, but I needed mine back. Turns out Junior really wants to learn about mormons, and has asked for a book of Mormon 3 times and never got one. Junior has a strong testimony of personal revelation, and Im super excited to teach him!!

I love you all and I know the church is true. Im so excited to hear the prophet speak this weekend!! I know Thomas S Monson is the prophet on earth today. I know the power of the priesthood is real! The Book of Mormon is the Word of God. Miss you.

Semana de Milagres/Baratas

Where's Malorie?
So this week was miracle after miracle!!!! I love it! Also in 24 hours I killed 13 cockroaches. And one fell off the ceiling onto my shoulder while I was going to the bathroom. I am a big strong girl and didnt not scream.:) But I killed it very very very quickly. Also Our investigator Fernando ended up not getting baptized this week, because his parents dont want him to. So we are still working on how to approach that. Holly, its almost Identical to your situation! Also the trains are soooo crowded,. We had a mission congerence and this is my district attempting to arrive in the center of Rio via train- photo. We couldnt move. Anyway. Yesterday we found a new family that is amazingly prepared. They are so sweet and love the Savior so much. We sang I am a Child of God and the spirit was so so so strong. I know God loves all of his children. Also it never ceases to amaze me how humble these people are. Its miraculous.

I know this church is true. I know that Jesus Christ LIVES. I know the Book of Mormon is the word of God.
With love, Malorie

Dirt Happens

I miss art like crazy. I miss getting dirty mostly. Although the other day it was soooo hot and so my legs were sweaty. Then we walked across a dirt lot. So naturally the dirt dust stuck to my legs... Needeless to say nobody commented that day on how white I am. Usually there's 4 or 5 people a day; So dirty happens!

Nós encontramos um auge...

September 14, 2015

Hello!!! Its been an awesome week!! More difficult but more blessings!

Terça was a day of miracles. We had an awful day monday and not a single person would talk to us cuz it was rainy. So tuesday we set out with high hopes and lots of prayers. We were on our way to Vasconcelos, a huge favella with many humble people. Along the way we stopped a woman to invite her to a family history class we are having. she accepted and afterwards we asked if she knew a woman named Roseneia who lives nearby. Turns out it was her daughter! So we scheduled a time thursday to visit. Then we keep walking and this woman with a baby stops us and asks us to pray with her cuz her baby was sick. So we did and set up a lesson. Then we made it to Vasconcelos but all 13 of our appointments fell through. Finally the last on our list, whose name is Carlos let us in. We taught the Restauration of the Gospel and it was so spiritual (I can tell because I could feel the spirit even when I didnt understand some of the stuff they said.) Then I got the opportunity to invite him to follow the example of the savior and be baptized. And he accepted!!! Whoooop!! Then leaving he kisserd our hands princess style. It was weird... Then Fernando (an 18year old who has been coming to church for 2 years cuz his girlfriend is in our ward) called and said he wants to be baptized! Turns out he never met with the missionaries so we started this week!

I did a terrible awful funny. My portugues is definately better but the struggle is real. I was explaining that the priesthood was restored to Joseph Smith through the apostles of Jesus Christ Peter James and John right? Well in portugues Peter is Pedro. But I said Pedrão. Turns out Pedrão is slang that more or less means "bro".... But hey they were bros in the Lord!!

Also. Two weeks in and I experianced true Rio. A man with a gun robbed the mercado in the favella we were tracting in. He was on a lot of drugs. It was crazy. So we hid (no joke) in the apartment of a member DIRECTLY ABOVE THE MERCADO. If I die, I love you all.

I need you all to try Brigadeiro. Its basically chocolate carmel. So yummy.

Ah also. Other scary thing. Walking home from Adrianna on Friday I felt a string on my leg. I pulled it off and when my companion saw what I was doing she told me to walk away very fast but do not run. Turns out robbers use strings like that to cut into people's legs and feet so that they can rob them. Classy eh.

Well I love and miss you all. I know the church is true. I know that Jesus Christ lives. I love the Book of Mormon and know it is the word of God. I invite all of you to read at least one verse of the Book of Mormon each day this week!


6 dias, 6 baratas.

Greetings from Rio de Janeiro, specifically Campo Grande.

The field is wonderfully here, definately ready to harvest! There are so many people here that love the lord and want to come closer to him. Also many of them have never heard of Mormons in their lives. Its crazy.

Ok backtracking.

Oh last p-day in the middle of São paulo, surrounded by skyscrapers we saw a random horse in the street eating a taco out of a tin like from Cafe Rio. Strangest thing ever.

Also our Relief Society lesson was awesome!! I loved having the opportunity to bear my testimony one last time in English. Im so grateful for the people I came to love in the MTC. I will send pics next week.

So first day in Rio. We got up at 3:30 in the morning to catch our flight so I wanted to curl up in a ball all day long. But my mission president is absolutely crazy! I love him!! In our meeting where we meet our Trainers, there was one elder who didnt shave and had a little scruff. So Pres Cabral sat him down and shaved his chin for him right there in the mission office! It was crazy.

Anyway so my trainers name is Sister Macêdo and she is from São Paulo. She has been in the field for 4 months and I love her! She also doesnt speak English but since she has the same accent as the instructors at the mtc I can understand her!! YAY. Because everyone else in Rio is speaking a very very different language than I attempted to learn. So Im struggling A LOT with the language but its ok because today was better than yesterday which is a million times better that the first day!

So on our way to our area the first night we took a metro to a tram. And whilst boarding the tram the doors slammed shut on Sis Macêdo's leg. She has a nasty bruise. |But a very nice man named Rui (Pronounced Hween) helped us open the door so she could get in. It was really scary! But then we got to talk to Rui and he agreed to take the lessons!!

More next week, Im out of time.
Love you all!

Vou Vencer!

Oi! Well with 3 days left in the CTM my heart is breaking. But also I am so stinking excited to go to the field and serve the people!!

Highlights this week.

Last pday after emailing our Instructor Irmã Tamiris took us to go get fancy Brasilian icecream called Sorvete and its more like Sorbet or sherbet but its super yummy and it was açai flavor with strawberries and sweetened condensed milk and granola. They know how to keep me happy:) Also I have gained 3 Kilos! Boom.

Also this week I got pretty sick and ended up asking my District Leader for a blessing. It was amazing. Nothing super crazy happened, although I did feel way better (hooray!). But I was reminded of the power of the priesthood and the marvelous blessing that it is. The priesthood is ultimately one of the biggest most important differences in this church from others. The power and authority to act in God's name allows us to truly experience the full joy of the gospel. Because of the priesthood I have been able to be baptized and confirmed and recieved the gift of the Holy Ghost, called by a prophet of God to be a missionary and a representative of Jesus Christ, and I know that my family is sealed together for all eternity. So many blessings in my life have been a result of Heavenly Father's love and his gift of the priesthood on this earth. I'd love to hear, how has the Lord blessed your life?

Next point... Ive discovered some new species of bug that really enjoys biting me. It sorta feels like a mosquito except it oozes and occasionally bleeds where it bit me. #lovingBrasil

Also we had a super amazing devotional this week!! Actually we had two! One we watched a video recording of the Apostle Jeffrey R Holland speaking to missionaries a few years ago. And WOW. One of my favorite things that he said was:

"Missionary Work is so hard because salvation is not a cheap experience.... it is supposed to require something of our souls"

The other devocional was apparantly not with Elder Anderson like Sis Swenson told me, but we had Elder Mazzagardi of the 70 come, and he talked about families a lot. \he had us read D&C 4 and pointed out that if this work is so marvelous even to the Almighty God, how much more Awe-inspiring is our holy privilege to help. And Families are Forever!!!

Also, apparantly my companions and I got to be too good of friends with the MTC President and his wife because Sis Swensen (after we went to borrow some boy pants for a Hispanico sister in our Physical Atividade time who didnt bring any) decided to ask us to teach Relief Society on sunday... because the lady who usually teaches is having surgery:( So that wwill be an adventure!!

Ok I dont have anything else to say but I love you all and miss you!! Also I love the flowers here! 

Happily Exhausted!

Aug 14, 2015

I am happily exhausted:) This week I learned a LOT about how the Lord answers my prayers (again). I have had a question on my mind for a while and I felt like I wasnt getting an answer... Which is fine, cuz I definately need to gain more patience!! But it is still hard. Anyway, tuesday was a really hard day for my comps especially, and I was getting a bit worn out from trying to keep smiling, and keep a positive attitude. So then this Instructor named Irma Cruz comes into our classroom during Comp Study and asked to speak with me alone. (Which was fine because Im in a trio and she is set apart) So we went into the CTM Pres. wife's office, so I was freaked out, completely convinced I was being sent home.. And Irma Cruz proceeds to answer my question. So obviously I start crying cuz it was so perfect and she is super confused at what just happened. And I am trying to explain that I just had a prayer answered through her, but she doesnt speak a word of English and Im crying to hard to be understood in any language. So we just sat there for a few minutes. And then she just testifies that all those who live worthy of the companionship of the Holy Ghost have the capacity to be an instrument in the Lord's hands.

To that I add my testimony. I know that Heavenly Father answers our prayers. EVERY TIME. For me, its often in quiet feelings or thoughts. Or through reading the Book of Mormon and Bible. But a beautiful way that the Lord answers us is through other people. In this way He can use each of our concerns, strengths, talents, and trials to bless the people we interact with.

Other cool stuff... Last pday after emailing, we went out in Sao Paulo and found this guy who has a pet snake. Wrapped around his neck. While riding a motorcycle. So thats awesome. But it gets better. He got off the motorcycle. And let me wrap the giant snake around my neck! I have pics that I will send as soon as I get to Rio. And then he started talking to us about the Book of Mormon. While a snake the size of... something big... was wrapped around my face. IT WAS SO FUN.

Also. I love and miss you all! Its great to hear from you!! Your challenge this week is to look for one way that you see God's hand in your life every day.

Sister Bond (Oh! Como James Bond? Yeah. James Bond.-- every single person I meet)

Vaca Sagrada!!

Woah its been a crazy crazy week!!

First off, our adorable Brazilian roomates have departed for their missions... I will miss them!!

So we got another sister and three elders who came from the Provo MTC on Wednesday. Which means I am now in a trio with Sis d´Anjou (French Canadian) and Sis Hunsaker (from Ohio). And they split us girls off from the old district and we are in our own new district with the three new elders. And its awesome! We are still sorta a family with the old one (we spend 14 hours a day together, we have to be a family) and I love all the new kids too!! And we moved to a new bedroom with 2 new Brazillian sisters so we still get to have miming parties to figure out whats going on each night!

Then just one more crazy thing, I have been called to be the Sister Training Leader for the brand new Branch that just got formed this week.

So basically, I think I was a little too comfortable and so I got some changes thrown at me:) But its been the best thing for me, and I know the Lord is helping me out.

Yesterday my comps and I did a 24 hour English fast for the first time, and while it was super hard and occasionally frustrating when the english word isnt even in the dictionary, I know we were blessed. Our lessons went much better and it actually really helped us to gain unity. So thats happening again tomorrow...

This past sunday was fast sunday (we sacrifice eating for 24 hours to demonstrate gratitude to the Lord) and we had a super cool experiance. As a district (the old one not the new one) we decided to fast together in gratitude for the opportunity to serve as missionaries and for the blessing of the individuals who we will teach. We were thinking about our future investigators, in our actual missions. But exactly 30 min after ending our fast, we each went to teach our fake investigator Leticia and all 4 companionships came back talking about how strong the spirit had been in our lesson. For those who know me it will be no suprise that I cried while sharing my experiance of the first time I prayed to know if Joseph Smith was a true prophet of God and how the Spirit testified to me so strongly that I will never be able to doubt it. And then my companion was testifying on how much God loves Leticia and everybody was crying. So then Leticia comes into our class an hour or so later and just told us that she had never felt such love when being taught in the MTC before. And Elder Staten (The District Leader) just looks at me his eyeballs the size of doughnuts (yeah im hungry) and said Sister, its because of our fast for our investigators!!

Basically I love this Gospel! I know that Heavenly Father answers our prayers. I know that He loves His children. I know that Jesus Christ is my Savior. I cannot even tell you how many times I have looked in the mirror and thought none of this, none of who I am would be possible without the Atonement of Jesus Christ. But it is real. And so I know that we can always keep moving forward. I know Joseph Smith (or as the BRazilians say Joseph Esmich) was a prophet called of God to restore the Church and translate the Book of Mormon. That Book is another Testament of Jesus Christ. If you dont know what to do with yourself, read the Book! And pray! It works.

I love you all. Im out of time. I challenge you all to pray every single morning this week. lots of love


Attempting to say everything I have felt in the past 9 days in just a few minutes.... with a foreign keyboard:)

Bom Dia!

So I kinda fell in love with Brazil already! It has been so amazing, and I have learned so much! Number One thing that I have had my testimony strengthened on... The Atonement applies to EVERYTHING. I only have 30 minutes to write today, so apologies. But Im not even sad about the 30 min cuz we get to go street contacting next!

My companion is fantastic. her name is Sister dÁnjou and she is from Quebec Canada. So yeah she speaks French mainly plus bits of English Italian and now Portugues. My roomates are both Brazilian and I absolutely love them. But it does mean that I have been forced to learn Portugues much faster than if I had 3 english girls. And man the Lord has been helping so so much. I am not very good at all, but I have a strong testimony that the Lord fills in when it is needed. Yesterday my whole district went to the Police Headquarters to sign some visa papers and I was able to talk to 3 different people just asking about their lives and then testifying of the truthfulness of this gospel as a part of why I am here in Brazil. And that definately was NOT me! In our fake discussions at the CTM my companion and I still have to write sentances out as a script, and its slow and difficult. But when there are people in need, the Lord provides a way. It all goes  back to the enabling pówer of the Expiacao. I love this gospel so much!! Also, to all my Provo MTC friends, be jealous the food here is FANTASTIC. 

At the Sao Paulo Temple
Also we went to the Temple today which was so beautiful!! One of my roomates got her endowments (because she is from a part of Brazil that is really far from a temple). I loved talking to the cute little ladies and they just love the missionaries. My district is super amazing as well. Sis d´Anjou and I are the only sister missionaries and there are 3 sets of Elders. Its a tiny little district but we have a lot of fun and learn really well together. Two of the Elders are going to Rio with me too which is awesome cuz we are the only ones in the whole CTM. And then one of the other Elders in my district is from London England and he is serving in Mosambique, so he is also the only one in the CTM. 

But anyway, my favorite things so far(in no particular order):

1. Service Projects
2. Temple
3. Teaching (next week we get to go teach real people instead of role playing with our teacherf-investigators- Angelo, Leticia, and Daniel!!!!!!)
4. The Foods
5. People
6. Devotionals
7. SACRAMENT MEETING. That was the very best part of sunday. Again, I LOVE THE GOSPEL
8. so basically everything....

I testify that this Church is true. I know without a doubt that Joseph Smith was a prophet called of God to restore the priesthood authority on the earth and translate the Book of Mormon so that all of God´s children can have access to the Gospel of Jesus Cristo. I know that Jesus Christ is my Savior. My Redeemer. And His infinite Atonement is the very foundation on which I can grow, serve, learn, and ultimately become like Him. 

I love you all and would love to hear from you. This has been the hardest and best week of my life. I cant wait to see what is in store. I challenge you all to pick somebody this week to love. Someone who needs it. Thank you all for everything you do. I miss you!

Sister Bond

PS All of the Brazilians call me Sister Bong, so I have to explain that its Bond like James Bond, and now I'm the favorite and the say hello to me by pretending to shoot me.... not sure if its good or bad!

Arrived in Brazil

Hi everyone! I have arrived in Brazil! It smells and looks a lot like Guatemala! i am so happpppyyyyy. But I miss you guys a lot. I am companions with a girl from Montreal canada. So she speaks French and just enough english that we can coordinate showers and sorta small talk:) I love her to death! Her name is Sister D´Anjou and we are the only two sisters who reported this week. on my flight from Atlanta we met up with 3 sets of Elders and 2 sets of sisters who have already done 3 weeks at the Provo mtc. along with 3 more sets of new Elders who reported straight here like sis dánjou and I. PS dont judge me this keyboard is really hard to use. Anyway. Loves to everyone!!! Miss you. I cant speak portuguese. and I LOVE THIS!!!

Look Out, Brazil, Here She Comes...

Sayin' goodbye at the Denver airport. Yep, Heidi's fighting back the tears. But, hey, it's only 18 months :)

"I am so grateful to my Savior Jesus Christ. I know that He lives. And I know that because of Him I can return to live with my Heavenly Father. Plus I am pretty excited to live with my stinking awesome family for eternity!"

Mission Photo

"I do not at all understand the mystery of grace- only that it meets us where we are, but does not leave us where it found us." -Anne Lamott

Called to Serve

(Editor's note: Malorie got her call back in March 2015. I finally got this blog going. Hey, it's only December!)

I am so excited to be a Sister Missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I report to the Sao Paulo Brazil Missionary Training Center on July 22, 2015 and will serve for 18 months in the Rio de Janeiro Mission. It will be a wonderful opportunity to serve others and grow closer to my Savior, Jesus Christ.

"Therefore, if ye have desires to serve God, ye are called to the work." -Doctrine & Covenants 4:3