Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Nós encontramos um auge...

September 14, 2015

Hello!!! Its been an awesome week!! More difficult but more blessings!

Terça was a day of miracles. We had an awful day monday and not a single person would talk to us cuz it was rainy. So tuesday we set out with high hopes and lots of prayers. We were on our way to Vasconcelos, a huge favella with many humble people. Along the way we stopped a woman to invite her to a family history class we are having. she accepted and afterwards we asked if she knew a woman named Roseneia who lives nearby. Turns out it was her daughter! So we scheduled a time thursday to visit. Then we keep walking and this woman with a baby stops us and asks us to pray with her cuz her baby was sick. So we did and set up a lesson. Then we made it to Vasconcelos but all 13 of our appointments fell through. Finally the last on our list, whose name is Carlos let us in. We taught the Restauration of the Gospel and it was so spiritual (I can tell because I could feel the spirit even when I didnt understand some of the stuff they said.) Then I got the opportunity to invite him to follow the example of the savior and be baptized. And he accepted!!! Whoooop!! Then leaving he kisserd our hands princess style. It was weird... Then Fernando (an 18year old who has been coming to church for 2 years cuz his girlfriend is in our ward) called and said he wants to be baptized! Turns out he never met with the missionaries so we started this week!

I did a terrible awful funny. My portugues is definately better but the struggle is real. I was explaining that the priesthood was restored to Joseph Smith through the apostles of Jesus Christ Peter James and John right? Well in portugues Peter is Pedro. But I said Pedrão. Turns out Pedrão is slang that more or less means "bro".... But hey they were bros in the Lord!!

Also. Two weeks in and I experianced true Rio. A man with a gun robbed the mercado in the favella we were tracting in. He was on a lot of drugs. It was crazy. So we hid (no joke) in the apartment of a member DIRECTLY ABOVE THE MERCADO. If I die, I love you all.

I need you all to try Brigadeiro. Its basically chocolate carmel. So yummy.

Ah also. Other scary thing. Walking home from Adrianna on Friday I felt a string on my leg. I pulled it off and when my companion saw what I was doing she told me to walk away very fast but do not run. Turns out robbers use strings like that to cut into people's legs and feet so that they can rob them. Classy eh.

Well I love and miss you all. I know the church is true. I know that Jesus Christ lives. I love the Book of Mormon and know it is the word of God. I invite all of you to read at least one verse of the Book of Mormon each day this week!


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