Friday, July 15, 2016

Some More Catch Up...

(From March 21):

More Q and A:

Q - What is your favorite thing about the Brazilian culture?

Malorie - Brazilian culture is wonderful and annoying at the same time:) I love how families are all close together. You have a street with just cousins aunts uncles and everybody is friendly enemies.

Q - Funniest moment this week?

Malorie - ummm. I dont know we laugh a lot but i dont really know how to explain it.... For example. In our house somos eu Sister Bond, Sister Nascimento, Sister Cruz and Sister Jesus. So at lunch the other day the Brother looks at us and says all seriously... "Did you know that between His Nascimento (birth) and the Cruz (cross) Jesus rode the Bond (a type of bus) ....? badum tst.

Q - Happiest moment this week?

Malorie - Raina got baptized!!!!!!!!!! YEAHHHHH!!!! :)::):):) The pattern of excellence each week is to mark 20 baptismal dates, have 20 invest. in the church, and 60 new invest..... its a real struggle. This week we(FINALLY) got 20 dates! 7 in the church and 63 new invest!!!! So we are super happy!!!

Q - Struggles?

Malorie - Patience. Im not patient. at all. Also I cant handle it when i see people suffering. especially when parents start hitting their kids. I get pretty close to giving it to the parents....

Love you all!!

(Excerpt from Mar 28, '16)

Service Projects are highly encouraged. The problem is that the rich dont need them, the poor dont want them, and the really poor are out of my capacity to help.... So em fim I love service projects but we dont get a lot of doable things.

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