Saturday, July 16, 2016

Happy Birthday!

Its an awesome birthday!!! We are having a party with hotdogs cookies and mango juice in the church while we write email with the other sisters in the district. :) And they learned how to sing Happy Birthday in English for me. But their accents are awful! And... tomorrow we will have a mission council... So that will be a long day! Also my novinha (greenie) is Sister Bonfim and she is the cutest person in the world.

Ok the Adventure of my week:

It is Friday. We finished weekly planning and were headed for our first lesson, when all of the sudden BAM. The Spirit said "Stop." So. We stopped. And the Spirit said "Go visit Jorge." So we went. (And no they didnt get married). We arrived in his vila and a woman stopped us from entering. "Do you girls do prayers for people?" "Yes! We are representatives of Jesus Christ!" So this woman starts listing people who want us to visit them. Then another woman walks up and asks if we can help her find Christ because she is a macumba (pagan) and she broke her foot during a ritual and so she knows that God doesnt want her there anymore. So we are in the middle of praying for her and setting up a return appointment and another woman runs up to us, desperated. She invites us into her house because her sister is almost in a coma and needs help. So we enter the house and try to talk to Celia and she doesnt respond. So we kneeled in prayer. And the floor was a little wet so i pulled my skirt up a tad. When the prayer ended I glanced over and saw a huge open cut on Celia's leg with flies all over it. And her foot and leg up to the knee was black. So we tried to give her a little water mixed with salt and sugar to drink but she wouldnt take it. So we tried to help her move to the sofa and not the chair to wait for the ambulance. But she didnt have the strength alone. So Sister Bonfim secured her under the arms and I secured the leg. Which was wet. When we moved her, Sister Bonfim commented that there was a lot of pus leaving the wound.... Thats when it hit me.... The floor, the leg, the cut.... Celia peed herself.... And its all over my legs and hands and I dont want to know where else....

So I rinsed of the best I could in her kitchen sink *sorry*, and then just prayed that I wont get any diseases. When we got home that night i showered better than any other day of my life..

This is the pee pee lady. We went back and she is wayyyy better so now the whole neighborhood knows that our prayer healed her :)

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