Friday, July 15, 2016

Playing a Little Catch Up....

Editors Note: [Okay, this is Malorie's dad writing for a moment. As you probably know, Malorie sends us emails and I put excerpts from them onto this blog. Well, I've shirked my duties for several months now. Shame on me.

So, I'm playing catch up, selecting a few things from emails over the past several months. It wont be everything. I'll just pick enough to give you a snapshot of her life as a missionary. I'll probably play catch up over several posts instead of one long post.]

(From Feb 29, '16):

Ill try to write more but seriously Im trying to do my best.. I have stories but its awkward because:
  1.  I dont want to complain
  2.  I dont want to brag
  3.  I dont want to scare mom 
  4.  I just dont know what to say
It was a good week and im happy and healthy!

Love you

(From Mar 7, '16 - responses to my questions in a previous email):

So you got the memo that numbered questions are better too eh?


Q -  Who is your companion right now? Do you like her? Where is she from?

Malorie -  Sister Cruz- see moms email

Q -  As a sister training leader or whatever the real title is, do you go on exchanges with all sisters in the mission or only in your zone? or district?

Malorie: Im responsible for 5 duplas in 3 zones

Q - How is the member missionary work there?

Malorie: depends on the week.... but what i need hepl with more than anything is somebody to help us bring investi to church. Sacrament starts at 8 am so we are getting up at 5:30 and this week was the first week of success!!! HALELUJIAH. So ya the next step is somebody with a car to agree to help us out

Q -  Are the congregations large enough to be wards or are they branches or does it depend upon the area?

Malorie: The focus right now is to fortify wards. So its all wards and stakes but the attendance yesterday was 92 if that gives you an idea

(A few excerpts from March 14, '16):

Im starting to see how the Lord calls people to the places where they will grow the most. But also where the talents and attributes that He gives us can be used.

I received a LOT of personal revelation on the things that I need to be better at. And it was super cool to see how the Lord helped me fix them just a littrle at a time. So tender mercies:)

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