Saturday, July 16, 2016

Q and A

From May 9, '16

It was awesome to talk to everyone!! (Note - we got to Skype with her on Mothers' Day) Sorry about the portuglish.... Its funny I couldnt talk to you in English but the rest of the day i struggled with portugues...

More Q and A

Q - So you mentioned that you don't teach men in the favela because they cant safely leave that life of crime behind. What if they want to be taught and want to change? What if you are teaching a spouse or sibling?

Malorie - We dont teach them because 1. i dont want to risk my life. and 2 because they could possible get in trouble with the boss guys and if they know too much info the boss guys might try to kill them so thats a bit of a problem.... we just avoid talking to men in the favella. But they like salute us. Which is funny sometimes:)

Q - (Okay, not really a question, more of a plea - from Heidi) Please listen to the spirit and don't think that you are invincible. There are human traffickers too. Be safe and don;t take chances, even though you have great drug lord body guards. Especially because of your body guards. Again, I just have to trust in the Lord. He has blessed you and I am comforted by Him. But BE SMART and LISTEN! 

Malorie - I am being smart! We always leave the favella before its dark and our goal is to have member lessons everyday so we always have somebody with us who lives there. Its a different kind of life. But we are being safe.

Q - So are there plazas or parks where people sit and visit with each other? We used to street contact people in the plazas in Switzerland. Wondered if that was a good place to talk to people in your mission.

Malorie - There are lots of pra├žas but its a little bit harder to do street contacting there because 1. Theyre drunk or 2. They dont live in our area

Q - Are there farmer's markets to get your fruit?

Malorie - Yes I love the farmers markets:)

Q - How strong is the new ward?

Malorie - The ward is awesome but (based on this man problem) the ward is 60% women, 30% kids and 10% men/priesthood. So we are gonna baptize/reactivate a bunch of young men. ccuz thats safer:)

Q - Do you like getting the greenies and do they send you all the new sisters on purpose?

Malorie -  I love it!! I hope i train the rest of my life!

Not sure why Malorie took a selfie in the bathroom? Maybe cuz it's actually clean?

Q - What do you like the very best about your new area?

Malorie - ITS BIG!!!!!!

Q - Rate your Portuguese on a 1-10 for how much people understand you, and you them.

Malorie -  My portugues is like 8.2 Im working on losing the sotaque (accent)

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