Saturday, July 16, 2016

18 Days 'til Winter in Brazil

(From June 6, '16)

Division in Apolo... 

Its so gorgeous! And ya the sun-hair-fire is cool

more division. apolo is farm country and I LOVE IT. 

Yes theres a horse... This is at the house of the recent convert Marlene. She found 3 books of mormon before she met the missionaries. When the sisters knocked on her door she had just gotten home from a meeting with the doctor where they discovered that she had cancer. So the sisters showed up and started teaching the plan of salvation and read a scripture in the book of mormon. She looked at them and says Hey i have that book... What????? So she pulled it out and its marked on Alma 7. The sisters promised her that if she reads and prays everyday and gets baptized she will be cured from the cancer.... 

So the baptism was 2 weeks ago and wednesday she went to the doctor. The tumor disappeared and the doctor doesnt know what to do about it.

I know the church is true. Christ lives and loves us.

i Cut my hair

Learning to make Tapioca.. I LOVE IT YUMMMM

My district...:)

its purdy:) Autumn time in brazil... 18 day s until winter!

also, this skirt was 10 reais, which is like 3 dollars.... yeah man!!


And the im so tired-after pday-hairstyle

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