Saturday, July 16, 2016

Baptism, Referals, Cookies, and Mission Council

(From June 13, '16)

Transfers are today... But my comp and i stayed together:):) Im super excited because we have a lot of families to teach.. we get a lot of member referalls which is the best thing ever!!

AND .... BATISMO:) Carlos Eduardo is the newest member of the Ala Trindade. I love his family to death:)

Also we are teaching a family where the mom lost a baby two weeks ago. Its almost the same exact story as Austin. Im so grateful for the Plan of Salvation. Last night we were explaining how families can be sealed together forever, and the mom Cris just looked down and started crying. She said she always thought that we forget the people we love. She is so happy to know that her baby will love her still.:):) I love the Gospel!!

Sister ALmeida´s birfday... I made cookies!!

Mission coucil was wednesday... I love it!!!!! Its so cool to be in the middle of those meetings and receive tons of revelation.... WHOAH

this is the gorgeous chapel in arsenal.... we have district meetings here... its almost "winter" so its actually cold here... woah. and by cold i mean it hit 13 degrees C... but im freez\ing!!

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  1. Hi! I just got called to the Brazil Rio de Janeiro mission and was wondering if I could get Sister Bond's email so I can ask her a few questions? thanks!!