Friday, January 8, 2016

That Moment When...

December 21, 2015

So this week was a collection of that moment when.....

1. That moment when you want to sing and cry and jump up and down in Happiness!! We talked with a man named Evangelista on the street a few weeks ago. We invited him to church and then I immediately forgot all about him. Whoops. But the Lord blessed us because even with my forgetfulness we are seriously working as hard as we can!! And Evangelista decided to go to church by himself last sunday; So he found the card we gave him and just showed up! So naturally we saw him at church and decided to you know do the missionary thing! We sat with him and asked him wahat he thought... He Loved it!!! He said he never felt so good at church before and so BAM! We explained that its the Holy Ghost testifying that the church is the only completely true church on the earth. He just looked at us with a smile bigger than his face!! So then we asked him if he would accept to follow the example of the Savior and be baptized on Dec 26.He said Of course!! So we are teaching him and he is just so excited to recieve the blessing of being clean again and the Holy Ghost:)


2. That moment when you just cry a little and your heart breaks inside. We have an investigator who we have been working so hard to help. I love her to death. She has a desire to grow closer to Christ but likes to drink with her friends... For 4 weeks she has only smoked once (YAY) and drank 3 times (YAY). But Saturday night we went to her house at 5:00 and she was already drinking and smoking. We challenged her to stop in the moment, take a shower, and not drink or smoke anything else that night. We prayed with her and then left. The next morning was Sunday. So at 7:30 in the morning we went to walk with her to church. She was still awake and still drinking with her friends. It broke my heart. I know who she is. She is a daughter of God. And her body is a gift. I know she can be so much happier. The word of wisdom is inspired of God and a commandment.

But anyway.

Theres my ups and downs of the week:)
Feliz Natal. Com amor Sister Bond

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