Friday, January 8, 2016

Best and Worst of Brazil

December 21, 2015

I love Brazil. My companion and I decided the bests/worsts of Brazil are


1. Brigadeiro. Stroganaffe. Maracuja. Food. Sem Commentario:)

2. People will be my best friend forever just because I can speak english and have blue eyes:) We enter a favella and the kids come running. Literally running. "Tia tia!!"

3. I love that the Irmãs greet each other with a beijinho on the cheeck. Its super cute. (But when they are drunk and reek of alcohol its a little gross...)

Which leads us to the worsts;....

1. The Heat. Tuesday was 48* C. I dont know what that is in F. But I know I drank 17 bottles of water and still threw up from heat exhaustion... also its really attractive I have a permanant sweat mark across my chest where the purse touches. Real "hot" (ba dum tst)

2. The Trash. Every tues thurs e sat. is trash day. Thats good. The problem is that mon-sunday people just through trash on the sidewalk. In grocery bags. So thats good. The problem is that then the homeless people go digging for stuff to salvage/eat.... And dont forget here you cant flush toilet paper... so sometimes the trash sitting in the hot sun and opened up and blowing around is somebody´s poop;

3. The People Without Clothes On. I dont think I wanna explain this one:) Just know that we have had the door opened by men and women wearing just a towel more than 5 times. And they expect us to teach like that... Not to mention that its completely acceptable to just take your shirt of to nurse in public... Ive seen way more of people that I ever wanted to!!

Love you
Feliz Natal

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  1. Aloha Sister Bond!
    I believe I bore my testimony in your ward a few years back and it seemed like you wanted to talk to me afterwards but I was not feeling very talkative at the time so I just said hi. Then I also think you saw me in wal mart in Hilo shortly before you left for your mission but I was preoccupied with cell phone problems and I did not stop to talk. I hope I did not come off as rude if this was in fact you. I am curious if this was you because I have felt like there was a reason that I should have stopped and been social. If you remember me and this was you could you let me know as it has been bugging me every since. I thought I would just see you at church but I never did and I assume it was because you left for Brazil. I have long blond hair with dreads. It seems you are having a good mission and I will pray for your success. If this is you please drop me a line at if it is not against your mission rules.
    Jacob Olthof